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Red Dead Redemption narrowly missed out on entering the top 10 UK games launches of all time


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Coming from Rockstar Games, it's no surprise that Red Dead Redemption has been likened to GTA. In fact some critics have dubbed the game GTA on horse back! Although the environment is 3 times smaller than GTA, your main mode of transport is a horse as opposed to a car or helicopter, so it's not really an issue.

Red Dead Redemption Gameplay

You take on the role of John Marston, a Clint Eastwood style ex-outlaw who has vowed to go straight and give up his law breaking. After his wife and son are kidnapped by government agents, Marston is forced to do their bidding. The Feds want Marston to track down his old gang members. and in return they will let his family go free.

Playing as Marston you start in a small town called Armadillo in the middle of the Wild West. From here you start your quest to find your former partners in crime. A lot of your time will be spent crossing the great plains. This environment is fully detailed and immersive, if not sparse in places. It's not just cowfolk you need to look out for, as Red Dead Redemption features a whole host of furry critters that can really spoil your day if you're not careful.

Game Highlights

  • Dead Eye - this feature is activated using the right analogue stick. Deadeye slows down time, Max Payne style. A sepia slow motion effect signals the entry into Dead Eye. This allows you to mark each enemy as a target and when you press your trigger they are all despatched in the blink of an eye.
  • Honour System - Fable players will be familiar with the honour/reputation system. In Red Dead your choice of actions has a direct affect on your personal honour and how people perceive you. If you choose to bring all your criminals in alive your honour will increase, if you decide to bring them all back dead, your honour will plummet. As in real life, doing the 'right' thing is not always the most lucrative decision.
  • The Lasso - if someone steals your horse, which can happen in Red Dead, there are ways to get your own back; besides shooting them in the head of course! Imagine the scene; Whilst travelling across the plains John sees a stranger who appears to be in distress. Being the good samaritan, John dismounts and attempts to find out what's troubling the poor fellow. No sooner has he dismounted when the stranger rushes past him and steals his trusty steed.
  • Now what would you do in that situation? Someone has just stolen your horse and is getting away rapidly. Here's an idea; trying to shoot a man off a fast moving horse is futile, it's far easier to shoot your own horse. You may have loved that horse more than your wife, but it's as good as lost and revenge is all that is left.

    After capturing the lowly horse thief you have several options. You can hog tie him, then go away and find a new horse. He'll still be there when you come back, so you then have have the option of dragging him behind your horse until dead or why not just tie him to a train line and let him sweat for a few hours. It's good to see that Rockstar have brought some of their non PC violence into this game!

    Western style side games

    There are also a number of mini games to keep you entertained along the way.

    1. showdowns
    2. gambling
    3. hunting bounties
    4. cattle herding
    5. five finger fillet

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    Red Dead Redemption Stock Shortages

    Red Dead is a sell out hit for the Xbox 360 and stock is already running low on this triple-A rated title from Rockstar games. The Xbox 360 platform accounted for 65% of the sales in the first weekend. The PS3 was hit by stock shortages shortly after launch which didn't help it with its own 35% market share.

    Red Dead Redemption narrowly missed out on entering the top 10 UK games launches of all time. If you look at the list, you may be aware that most of these games were released at Xmas time. If Red Dead had have been a Xmas launch it would have been a different story. Despite the spring launch, Red Dead still managed an estimated 300,000 sales and in the process caused stock issues for a number of retailers.

    It is estimated that Red Dead has made around £11 million in its first two days. GAME head of UK Public Relations Neil Ashurst said: "The game was flying out of the stores. Some branches ran out – particularly of the PS3 version", he added "But we’ve had more arrive and we’re expecting another shipment in the next seven days." Hopefully they'll have more Limited Edition stock in soon. Keep checking our stock locator to see when it arrives.

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