Xbox 360 Production Line

Microsoft has admitted to some XBox 360 production glitches


XBox 360 worker - Chen Po

Exclusive pictures of the XBox 360 production line

Microsoft has admitted to some XBox 360 production glitches. This is a complex piece of hardware with 1,700 different parts, said a spokesman. Every now and again the line will slow down because something has happened and there will be a component that did not make it that morning.

Flextronics Employee Chen Po supported this statement. Chen said I work on the production line that makes the Premium console. We ran out of those chrome DVD trays last week. We didn't know what to do. We had to down tools until our supervisor found an old silver marker pen which helped us convert a few hundred of those core machines, you know the ones that nobody wants. Chen chuckled After we'd slapped a hard disk on 'em and bunged 'em into the white boxes, nobody could tell the difference.

Lack of stickers holds up production

The Finished Product Chen continued, This isn't the only problem we're having to deal with, we've got 200,000 Premiums just sat out in the warehouse doing nothing. All of em just waiting on those phony 'Limited Time' bonus media remote stickers, Chen added Those little green stickers are like rocking horse sh*t !

Meanwhile Microsoft continues to scour the whole of East Asia for new sweatshops to produce their much sought after games console.

XBox 360 production line

This production line alone is churning out nearly 10 Xbox 360's per week!

XBox 360 - Line Manager

Flextronics Line Manager Fook Yoo runs a tight ship

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